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A Glimpse of the Kingdom

Ron Mosby shares an informational tool to use in helping to understand the kingdom of God on a very basic level. Since the kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom, this book helps to make a transition from an earthly government to a spiritual government.

A Glimpse of the Kingdom helps transform the reader’s thinking from an earthly democratic mindset to a spiritual theocratic mindset. Written with simplicity, this speaks to anyone with a desire to seek first the kingdom of God that they may read and understand it.

Here are what some readers have already said about this transformational book:
“This is a “must read” for anyone who has struggled with simply understanding the essence of what is written in the Bible. This book is true to its title. I effectively learned and understood the true underlying meaning of the scriptures within the Bible, within 2 1/2 hours of finishing this book. This book should be read by everyone who is/has matriculated at Christian based school. Kudos to the author Ron Mosby, for allowing me to gain the gift of finally comprehending what the author so eloquently expressed in this thought provoking book. This book has inspired me to re-read the Bible. I look forward to reading the author’s next book. Well done!”

“I read the book, it was great.  Such thoughts so hard to explain, yet in beautiful language so easy to understand. [Ron] should be a pastor someplace, where he can be heard by many many people.”